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Rap, determination and passive income


I love rap music.

Mainly because rappers become great rappers because they rap.

They don’t think about rapping. They Rap.

They hone their craft, practice and work hard everyday because that’s their ticket to improve their situation in life.

One of my favourite rap lyrics is from Kanye West’s Spaceship.

Lock yourself in a room doing 5 beats a day for three summers.

Kanye is Kanye because he put the work in to get where he is now.


Many of the artists that you see on the radio (rap or otherwise) get there because of their work ethic and drive.

The secret to all marketing and sales for new entrepreneurs

First of all, sorry for the click bait headline, but as I was thinking about: What the “secret” to all marketing and sales for entrepreneurs would be it was actually something that took me a really long time to understand and master.

Here’s the thing with sales and marketing: It’s the key to the success of all businesses. If you don’t have sales you don’t have a business.

So how do you get the products in the hands of your customers?

What is that magic ingredient to a sales letter, to a marketing campaign or strategy?

Broken windows, making your bed and your brain

What does a broken window do to your brain?

What does a made bed do to your brain?

In a strange way they do the opposite thing. (Backed by science, sort of)


The broken window effect.

Have you ever heard of the broken window effect in regards to crime?

You can google it if you want.

Picture a broken window on a car or building.

The theory states that if a window is broken and is left unfixed then it leads to more crime and serves as a signal for negative urban behaviour.

Overcoming doubt when others around you look more successful

If you’re an entrepreneur it’s easy to be hard on yourself; You’re the only one who’s going to keep you accountable and keep you on task por deadlines and projects.

Through that process you might look at the things that you’re doing and compare yourself to others around you, thinking why they are more successful , or wondering to yourself why you haven’t been as successful as you think you should be. (I know I have)

There are no shortage of articles and research about how entrepreneurs are silently depressed and are facing various levels of mental illness.

The immature grad podcast interview

The immature grad pod cast elevated business life anthony taylor sme strategy

Upon the release of my book: “I Wish I knew” I was interviewed by the Immature grad podcast.

These are two guys who are recently out of university and are experiencing their first taste of the corporate world.

They (like many of the readers on the site) are working towards creating their own products, services and businesses.

What I like about this podcast is that the guys interview a variety of different subject matter experts (I’m the 4th) to support new grads and give them direction and to teach them what was “missing” from the university curriculum.

How I keep myself focused and get more done. Tools: Focus Booster and focus at will


It’s so easy to get distracted these days.

Even while doing my free writing in the morning I get distracted with the little things (that take less than two minutes to get done) and I end up down a rabbit hole of landing pages, amazon products, a different to do list, and then eventually force myself to focus and finish the task that I started on.

That whole sequence took 5 minutes, but a 5 minute distraction on a 15 minute task seriously puts a dent in your timing for the day.

How I keep my life together: Morning pages/750 words

750 words creative writing

I don’t know about you, but I love learning from other entrepreneurs.

We all have our different things that we do to get in the zone. We all have our best times to work.

We all have the things that make us feel great, focused and in the zone.

I was just in New York and one of my buddies focuses on doing his sunday night recap with how things went the past week and what he has to look forward to in the next week.

Opportunity cost, choices, and trade offs for entrepreneurs

Opportunity cost, choices, and trade offs for entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur or business owner you can’t do everything. You don’t have enough time, money, or other resources. That means you need to make choices and tradeoffs that will bring you to the place that you want to go.
It’s intuitive yes, but even the best of us make poor choices because we don’t consider the alternatives or if there’s a better course of action.
Sometimes you don’t make the right choices, and then you have to keep going with a different plan that will keep you moving forward.

(full transcription to follow)

It’s Tax time- for your sake don’t file online- get an accountant.

Taxes entrepreneur

If you’re an entrepreneur filing your taxes can be a less than enjoyable experience. Who am I kidding, I don’t think there’s anyone that likes filing their taxes.

Whether you’re in the US and your deadline in April 18, 2016 or in Canada June 15th 2016 there’s one thing I would encourage urge you to do is to go see an accountant to file your taxes for you.

It might seem like more money, but if you’re creating income from your sole proprietorship or home based business an accountant will help you maximize your deductions and minimize your taxes owing.

Creating guiding points for your life vision

The other day I met with a prospective client to chat with him about his business and life plans.

The guy was making good money, had a few streams of income and was happy overall (not sleeping enough IMHO)

We chatted for about an hour about the direction of his life and business, and at the end of the conversation he realized that he never really thought of where he wanted to go.

I suggested that he look a few years forward and try and create a picture of what he would like his life to look like.

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