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Be Cause

Why do things happen?

Just because.

They happen because someone caused it to happen.

Earlier in the week, I reached out to someone because I saw a google alert that signaled that an organization was approved a budget for their strategic planning. (My core business)

I reached out, they already had someone in mind to work with, but low and behold I got an email back 2 days later because they heard good things about my work.

The point of this is, that had I not been in action, had I not sent that email, had I not called, had I not followed up, nothing would have happened.

I caused that to happen.

You know when you introduce two people together? Whether that’s romantical, or for business, or just whatever. They connect, and it’s something that works out for them. It’s a great fit, and you caused a great relationship.

That relationship was not going to happen anyway.

When I was writing my goals in my daily journal, the thought of causing things was in a way at odds with my focus on causing things.

My goals seemed (in my mind) reactive. These are the things that I Want to happen.

As if it was luck or good fortune.

I adjusted my thinking to create a list of things that I am making happen.

I am causing these things to happen.

I am

You are

100% responsible for the things that happen to you.

If you are going to make a goal, a project, or a dream come to life, it’s not going to be happenstance.

It’s going to be created, it’s going to be because of something.

As you move forward in your day, in your week, in your year, think to yourself as someone who causes things.

You are the embodiment of things happening.

BE, Cause.

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