My favourite podcasts for business owners and entrepreneurs

If there’s one habit that has keeps my mind sharp and helps my overall confidence level it’s listening to podcasts.

If you’re not listening to podcasts yet, it’s a really easy way to consume information that allows you to do other things at the same time.

What I mean by this is that you can drive, walk, cook breakfast, or do other things that require your hands, compared to something like reading a book.

My best time to listen to a podcasts is first thing in the morning as I make my breakfast, or if I’m on a long voyage like car ride or plane ride.

How do you get more done and make changes in your life?

I just listed to a self made man podcast that was talking about how people approach their goal setting as big all or nothing chunks.

The speaker went on to share about how people take these big goals, miss the mark on them and then give up.

One of the interesting points that he shared was the idea of creating week long goals and then working on them before moving into something more.

One of the things that I’m looking to do as part of my health and fitness goals are to lose some weight.

February and 2016 goals

After I released my first digital product: a book full of tips for entrepreneurs called I Wish I knew  I realized that there was a whole world of income that I was missing. My business strategy consulting company SME Strategy works on value based billing, which is great, but it doesn’t allow me to travel and live the full life that I want.

As part of my quest to continually live a better life I have to challenge myself and stretch myself and be unfortable.

So I’ve decided to do a monthly goals report to keep myself accountable.

I have to scare myself more.

This week I launched my book on Gumroad, Payhip and Amazon, and honestly it was terrifying.

I mean, I’ve sold things before, and I’ve put myself out there to get No’s before, but I don’t think I’ve ever put so much into something and then opened myself to be so vulnerable before.

But that’s what 2016 is about. It’s the year of Stretching and doing things that I’ve never done before to get things that I’ve never gotten before.

There’s a quote that I added to my phone home screen recently:

Life only gets better when you get better.

Everyday you learn something new in your business.

Happy Day!

Today is Jan 16th 2016 and I just finished working a night shift at a restaurant to pay for some extra vacation time that I took over the holidays.

While I was waiting tables, something I actually really enjoy because I love talking with people, I got to thinking:

“What kind of content can I create to help my target audience of new business owners that just want to create greater freedom for themselves and live a better life”

That’s really what I’m trying to do here, is to help entrepreneurs live a better/ business life.

Determination a key factor of small business success


I think it goes without saying that to be a successful business owner you have to be determined and push through challenges to get to where you want to go.

That means making tough decisions with other people; and as a start up business the person you need to be hardest on is yourself.

That means doing things you don’t want to do and putting yourself in situations that will stretch you outside of your comfort zone so that you can grow as a business owner and as a human being.

How to be the best (website) on the internet?

I heard a great piece of small business advice at a networking event not long ago from a guy who’s company sold salt.


Like from the sea.

And they made a great business from it.

You can add that to the list of unique small business ideas

The advice he shared was: “You have to be first, best, or different”

I think selling salt (at a premium price no less) is a great idea if people are willing to pay for it.

In fact, all businesses are great if they make you money, and you’re happy doing it.