How do you know what the “right” things to do are when you feel stuck?

It’s been well documented that entrepreneurs are “risk takers” that they don’t worry about failing on their path to success.

Here’s what I’ve found about failure: It sucks.

It costs money, it costs time, and it costs mental energy because you need to pick yourself back up.

I’ve found that some of the best entrepreneurs and business people fully embrace risk and uncertainty, but do everything they can to mitigate that risk while still coming out ahead.

So how do you mitigate risk and come out ahead?

How do I mitigate risk and come out ahead?

Help your sales and writing with these tips

As a business person you should always look to improve your communication.

Not only will it help you sell more, but it also helps you avoid frustration when trying to get your point across to people.


No one wants to waste time and money in your marketing, here’s a great tip to help you in both online and offline marketing via hubspot.


Broken windows, making your bed and your brain

What does a broken window do to your brain?

What does a made bed do to your brain?

In a strange way they do the opposite thing. (Backed by science, sort of)


The broken window effect.

Have you ever heard of the broken window effect in regards to crime?

You can google it if you want.

Picture a broken window on a car or building.

The theory states that if a window is broken and is left unfixed then it leads to more crime and serves as a signal for negative urban behaviour.

How I keep my life together: Morning pages/750 words

I don’t know about you, but I love learning from other entrepreneurs.

We all have our different things that we do to get in the zone. We all have our best times to work.

We all have the things that make us feel great, focused and in the zone.

I was just in New York and one of my buddies focuses on doing his sunday night recap with how things went the past week and what he has to look forward to in the next week.

It’s Tax time- for your sake don’t file online- get an accountant.

If you’re an entrepreneur filing your taxes can be a less than enjoyable experience. Who am I kidding, I don’t think there’s anyone that likes filing their taxes.

Whether you’re in the US and your deadline in April 18, 2016 or in Canada June 15th 2016 there’s one thing I would encourage urge you to do is to go see an accountant to file your taxes for you.

It might seem like more money, but if you’re creating income from your sole proprietorship or home based business an accountant will help you maximize your deductions and minimize your taxes owing.