I’ve never made any money

I’ve never printed money.

I don’t know how much there is out there in the world, and I’m certainly not the one responsible for managing all of it.


Historically, my view of money has been pretty small. It’s more a function of necessity that you get for doing stuff.

I was more concerned with spending time with people and living life than having money or stuff.

Money, however, is a lubricant that makes life easier.

Especially when you’re getting ready to get married etc.


How do you know what the “right” things to do are when you feel stuck?

It’s been well documented that entrepreneurs are “risk takers” that they don’t worry about failing on their path to success.

Here’s what I’ve found about failure: It sucks.

It costs money, it costs time, and it costs mental energy because you need to pick yourself back up.

I’ve found that some of the best entrepreneurs and business people fully embrace risk and uncertainty, but do everything they can to mitigate that risk while still coming out ahead.

So how do you mitigate risk and come out ahead?

How do I mitigate risk and come out ahead?

I get scared and confronted with my goals and my plans. Here’s how I work through it.


I’m getting ready to do the biggest work trip of my life.

2 Days in Seattle to meet with a client, and then a 12-hour leadership course.

4 cities across Canada (Ottawa, Halifax, St John’s and Montreal) in just over 5 days.

Back to Vancouver to catch another flight to do a 3 day facilitation with 22 people for www.smestrategy.net.


The facilitations themselves, are still lots of mental energy.

And then this whole adventure

And having/choosing to go to Seattle just before that, and having full days with not alot of sleep.

Podcasts open the door to innovation, creativity and motivation.

One of the daily habits that has made a significant different to my life and mindset is making the choice to listen to a podcast when I get a chance to.

Right now I’m at a really good place business wise where opportunities are coming, and I feel I’m always busy with important activities.

That said, I’m putting a focus on doing the little things that I need to do to grow into the person that I want to be.

As in: Someone who is working X days a week, with the clients that I want, with the desired amount of travel, making the amount of money, and doing all the things that I feel I should be doing.

Help your sales and writing with these tips

As a business person you should always look to improve your communication.

Not only will it help you sell more, but it also helps you avoid frustration when trying to get your point across to people.


No one wants to waste time and money in your marketing, here’s a great tip to help you in both online and offline marketing via hubspot.


3 tips for effective business networking

Whether you’re networking all the time, or you hate networking and talking with people, here are 3 tips to make the process enjoyable and profitable.

As a business owner, networking is almost inevitable.

You have to meet new people to increase your circle of influence, to learn from others, and to connect in your community.

Even if you don’t “network” you’re probably put in positions where you have to socialize and talk about your business or your work.

You might as well take these opportunities for what they are: OPPORTUNITIES, and make the most of them.

The secret to all marketing and sales for new entrepreneurs

First of all, sorry for the click bait headline, but as I was thinking about: What the “secret” to all marketing and sales for entrepreneurs would be it was actually something that took me a really long time to understand and master.

Here’s the thing with sales and marketing: It’s the key to the success of all businesses. If you don’t have sales you don’t have a business.

So how do you get the products in the hands of your customers?

What is that magic ingredient to a sales letter, to a marketing campaign or strategy?

Broken windows, making your bed and your brain

What does a broken window do to your brain?

What does a made bed do to your brain?

In a strange way they do the opposite thing. (Backed by science, sort of)


The broken window effect.

Have you ever heard of the broken window effect in regards to crime?

You can google it if you want.

Picture a broken window on a car or building.

The theory states that if a window is broken and is left unfixed then it leads to more crime and serves as a signal for negative urban behaviour.

Overcoming doubt when others around you look more successful

If you’re an entrepreneur it’s easy to be hard on yourself; You’re the only one who’s going to keep you accountable and keep you on task por deadlines and projects.

Through that process you might look at the things that you’re doing and compare yourself to others around you, thinking why they are more successful , or wondering to yourself why you haven’t been as successful as you think you should be. (I know I have)

There are no shortage of articles and research about how entrepreneurs are silently depressed and are facing various levels of mental illness.

The immature grad podcast interview

Upon the release of my book: “I Wish I knew” I was interviewed by the Immature grad podcast.

These are two guys who are recently out of university and are experiencing their first taste of the corporate world.

They (like many of the readers on the site) are working towards creating their own products, services and businesses.

What I like about this podcast is that the guys interview a variety of different subject matter experts (I’m the 4th) to support new grads and give them direction and to teach them what was “missing” from the university curriculum.