Be Cause

Why do things happen?

Just because.

They happen because someone caused it to happen.

Earlier in the week, I reached out to someone because I saw a google alert that signaled that an organization was approved a budget for their strategic planning. (My core business)

I reached out, they already had someone in mind to work with, but low and behold I got an email back 2 days later because they heard good things about my work.

The point of this is, that had I not been in action, had I not sent that email, had I not called, had I not followed up, nothing would have happened.

Find your edge

One of the habits I’m taken up while in New York is the practice of Bikram Yoga.

You know the 90-minute hot yoga that makes someone of my…hydration ability, very very drippy.


It seems like every class, which is both a physical as well as mental workout has something to offer the body and the mind.

One of the lessons I recently learned was the distinction of “finding your edge”

As you move into these various poses/stretches (which are always the same 26 by the way) you get to develop your flexibility for each one.

I’ve never made any money

I’ve never printed money.

I don’t know how much there is out there in the world, and I’m certainly not the one responsible for managing all of it.


Historically, my view of money has been pretty small. It’s more a function of necessity that you get for doing stuff.

I was more concerned with spending time with people and living life than having money or stuff.

Money, however, is a lubricant that makes life easier.

Especially when you’re getting ready to get married etc.


Playing the game



Life is really just a game.

It depends on what game you’re playing and what it looks like to win.

I came to a realization that the game I had signed up for, I was not going to win.

I was trying to be (See trying) a start-up entrepreneur from Vancouver who was going to be (see: going to be) a “success”.

It’s like setting yourself up to be a struggle rapper your whole life. (A day in the life of a struggle rapper)



Games are just made up.

How small things turn into big things.

Every time I think about this topic, I can’t help but think about Blink 182.

Seriously, I’m sorry if I got that song stuck in your head, but a bit of nostalgia never hurt anyone.


The impact of the small things.

You’ve heard about compound interest for finances, and I’ve written about compound interest on learning; those same principles will pay dividends in ALL the areas of your life.

  • Family
  • Health
  • Faith
  • Productivity
  • Friends
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Success
  • ETC

What area of your life right now…