Be Cause

Why do things happen?

Just because.

They happen because someone caused it to happen.

Earlier in the week, I reached out to someone because I saw a google alert that signaled that an organization was approved a budget for their strategic planning. (My core business)

I reached out, they already had someone in mind to work with, but low and behold I got an email back 2 days later because they heard good things about my work.

The point of this is, that had I not been in action, had I not sent that email, had I not called, had I not followed up, nothing would have happened.

Find your edge

One of the habits I’m taken up while in New York is the practice of Bikram Yoga.

You know the 90-minute hot yoga that makes someone of my…hydration ability, very very drippy.


It seems like every class, which is both a physical as well as mental workout has something to offer the body and the mind.

One of the lessons I recently learned was the distinction of “finding your edge”

As you move into these various poses/stretches (which are always the same 26 by the way) you get to develop your flexibility for each one.

I’ve never made any money

I’ve never printed money.

I don’t know how much there is out there in the world, and I’m certainly not the one responsible for managing all of it.


Historically, my view of money has been pretty small. It’s more a function of necessity that you get for doing stuff.

I was more concerned with spending time with people and living life than having money or stuff.

Money, however, is a lubricant that makes life easier.

Especially when you’re getting ready to get married etc.


Playing the game



Life is really just a game.

It depends on what game you’re playing and what it looks like to win.

I came to a realization that the game I had signed up for, I was not going to win.

I was trying to be (See trying) a start-up entrepreneur from Vancouver who was going to be (see: going to be) a “success”.

It’s like setting yourself up to be a struggle rapper your whole life. (A day in the life of a struggle rapper)



Games are just made up.

Everything is discovery.

Being curious opens the doors to so many things.

It’s easy to get set in our ways because we know things. We know lots of things, but we don’t know everything.

I “know things” and am very smart. So, I’ll make judgments and come to conclusions very quickly.

Most of the time “I’m right”, and my way is the best way.

Have you ever been with someone and they showed you a new app?

Or you were cooking and they showed you a new technique or way of doing things that just blew your mind and infinitely improves how you were doing it before?

The opportunity to make a difference

I’ve been in NYC for the past 2 weeks just chilling and exploring.

One of the things that I’ve been present to is that I’ve (We’ve) been presented with opportunities to do whatever we want.

If you’re reading this, you have a device, you have the internet and you have free time.

There are so many people that aren’t granted the same freedoms that we have.

It’s our duty. It’s MY duty to make the most of it.

I’m on a mission to make every moment count.

What I learned from flying across Canada in a week.

When you do something you’ve never done, it’s a good start to do more things you’ve never done.

Last week I was super fortunate to go across Canada as one the global entrepreneurship week ambassadors in Canada selected my Futurpreneur.

My “job” was to visit different Canadian cities, to share the stories of other entrepreneurs , and to capture the spirit of what it was like to run a business in those particular cities.

My home is in Vancouver Bc, and I was selected to go to Ottawa, Halifax, ST John’s Newfoundland and Montreal.

The trip was awesome for a few reasons.

I get scared and confronted with my goals and my plans. Here’s how I work through it.


I’m getting ready to do the biggest work trip of my life.

2 Days in Seattle to meet with a client, and then a 12-hour leadership course.

4 cities across Canada (Ottawa, Halifax, St John’s and Montreal) in just over 5 days.

Back to Vancouver to catch another flight to do a 3 day facilitation with 22 people for


The facilitations themselves, are still lots of mental energy.

And then this whole adventure

And having/choosing to go to Seattle just before that, and having full days with not alot of sleep.

My experience at the University of Washington Multicultural Alumni Partnership Bridging the Gap breakfast

MAP Breakfast Washington University

I was invited to the University of Washington Multicultural Alumni Partnership Bridging the Gap breakfast to support my friend who was on the committee and was one of the MC’s for the day.

I thought I was coming for breakfast and networking, but I got so much more.

Being part of this experience showed me on one hand how there are so many more challenges in the world that I was lucky to not have to face, and on the other hand, people out there who are committed to spending their time and money to addressing.