Everything is discovery.

Being curious opens the doors to so many things.

It’s easy to get set in our ways because we know things. We know lots of things, but we don’t know everything.

I “know things” and am very smart. So, I’ll make judgments and come to conclusions very quickly.

Most of the time “I’m right”, and my way is the best way.

Have you ever been with someone and they showed you a new app?

Or you were cooking and they showed you a new technique or way of doing things that just blew your mind and infinitely improves how you were doing it before?

That’s what being curious can do for you.

Not because you’re wanting to improve and to always figure out how to move forward.

Because you’re genuinely curious about the thing that you are looking at and are working on.

You approach these things like a kid. Full of wonder.

You wonder.

With people, I often come to conclusions about those people well before they have opened their mouths.

And if they get a sentence or two in, game over.

I know who you are, and I know what you’re about and it’s going to be pretty hard to change my mind.

Not lots of wonder there is there?


To me, That’s who that person “is”. And who that person is to me is all that “matters”

From that view, I can only see what I know about them. Nothing else.

I don’t see what they are dealing with. What adversity they have come from. How I can help them. What they mean to other people.


When you/we have that level certainty you miss out on all the other parts of that person that make them awesome.

And in life, with no wonder, you miss out on all the little things that make life awesome.

What would life be like, what would relationships be like if I wasn’t so sure about things if things and people didn’t fall into the boxes that I created for them?


I wonder….


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