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How small things turn into big things.

Every time I think about this topic, I can’t help but think about Blink 182.

Seriously, I’m sorry if I got that song stuck in your head, but a bit of nostalgia never hurt anyone.


The impact of the small things.

You’ve heard about compound interest for finances, and I’ve written about compound interest on learning; those same principles will pay dividends in ALL the areas of your life.

  • Family
  • Health
  • Faith
  • Productivity
  • Friends
  • Happiness
  • Love
  • Success
  • ETC

What area of your life right now…


Would you like to improve?

and take a small step.

Any step

towards that direction.


By focusing on the little things.

Those small steps.

Those micro decisions

I’ve been able to (over time) make significant improvements to many of the areas of my life.


Fitness and business mostly, but lots of small progress in other areas as well.

Raising your standards

This concept of little things came to me in the form of another Anthony.

Anthony Robbins shares this concept of raising your standards to create a new version of yourself.

This video changed the game for me.

Really focusing on who I “AM”. My version of myself.

My question is: Who are you?


Back to the small things.

Doing little things on a daily basis was what opened the door for me to get to that next level.

Everyone wants transformation.

Transformation is a process.

Baby Steps

So yes, Bill Murray might be crazy.

But as entrepreneurs aren’t we all a little bit?


So, let’s see another video to really hammer the point home.



What do I do next?

Look at the area of your life that you can make little measurable progress in, and take actions that are consistent with the desired result you want.

“What would a person who was ______ do in this situation?” And do that.

Over time you’ll retrain yourself to act consistently with ther person that you want to be.

And other people will see you as that person as well.


It all starts with the small things.

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