I get scared and confronted with my goals and my plans. Here’s how I work through it.


I’m getting ready to do the biggest work trip of my life.

2 Days in Seattle to meet with a client, and then a 12-hour leadership course.

4 cities across Canada (Ottawa, Halifax, St John’s and Montreal) in just over 5 days.

Back to Vancouver to catch another flight to do a 3 day facilitation with 22 people for www.smestrategy.net.


The facilitations themselves, are still lots of mental energy.

And then this whole adventure

And having/choosing to go to Seattle just before that, and having full days with not alot of sleep.


And then on top of that, some money things (Which happen to everyone) in the beginning of the week, and then some uncertainty had me feeling all sorts of ways.

I feel I’m pretty good a working through down times with emotions, and getting back to where I want to be pretty fast.

Here’s what I’ve found works for me.

I hope you find it valuable.

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