I’ve never made any money

I’ve never printed money.

I don’t know how much there is out there in the world, and I’m certainly not the one responsible for managing all of it.


Historically, my view of money has been pretty small. It’s more a function of necessity┬áthat you get for doing stuff.

I was more concerned with spending time with people and living life than having money or stuff.

Money, however, is a lubricant that makes life easier.

Especially when you’re getting ready to get married etc.


So how does one make money?

How do you create it?

Someone gave me a perspective that you don’t make money, but rather that getting money is simply a method of exchange for goods and services.

Which makes sense right?

You do things, someone else gets value and in turn trades you for something of alternative value.

Whether that’s barter or tender. As in legal tender, not being soft.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about tender:



  • Tender (rail), a type of railroad car hauled immediately after the locomotive and used to carry fuel and water.
  • Water tender, fire truck tanker


Business and finance

  • Legal tender, a form of money with a specific legal status
  • Request for tender, a structured invitation to vendors for the supply of goods or services
    • Tendering, or public procurement, a way in which bodies governed by public law buy what they need for their activities
  • Tender offer, used to propose a buyout of a public company


Here’s what I find interesting.

All these “tenders” are designed to support or exchange.

Just like in life.

When you give something, you get something back.

The things you give often make your life better. Unless you’re giving someone a cold.


The most successful businesses in the world that I can think of right now make it extremely easy for their customers to exchange money for goods and services.

Whether that’s with an app, a few clicks, nice design, or customer sales and support.

How can tender our business so that money comes to us faster and at a greater velocity?

Moving into this next stage of my business and life, I’m going to stay focused on making it easier from customers to buy from me and to get the value that they want and that I know I can deliver.


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