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Niching down was the most valuable thing I’ve ever done for my business.

I still do “too many” things.

I’m an entrepreneur in the truest sense.

I like to do new things, I like the experience (see: Challenge) of building and launching different things. Risks, big or small, are probably under-appreciated, and I feel like I can bounce back from anything. *Knocks on wood.

Within all of that:

When I started pushing back on my natural desire to be all things to all people that’s when more opportunities came up.

I pushed back on taking the jobs because they came to me

Pushing back on doing all the things, and started doing more of the right things, is when I started getting better results in my business.


Don’t be all things to all people, you can’t be good at everything.

When I niched down into just facilitating strategic planning it made my life way easier.

I knew what I needed to do to be successful.

I made the process duplicatable so it took less time per engagement.

When I was doing one on one consulting, business plans, marketing strategies, retainer type work it would take me hours of thinking and managing all these things.

It took away from my life.


It made it that my clients – and potential clients- couldn’t tell why they should be calling me.

I was just a good guy to have around. (Still true though)


Be really good at one thing. Get known for it. And get your marketing laser focused.

When you do one thing really really well, you get to know who needs you.

You figure out why they need you, and what really matters to them.


Here’s a great podcast about Getting the Job done from Harvard business review.

Clayton Christiansen goes on to discuss what the “Job is” for milkshakes.

If you listen to it, find out what your milkshake is. What is the JOB that you are BEST for?


Take Stock of your skills.

Here’s a few exercises you can do to see where you’re at now and where you want to build your business for in the future.

  • Do a SWOT Analysis. Look at your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in your business to figure out where you can go in the future.
  • Look at your core competencies and competitive advantage. What are you good at, and what are you better at than everyone else.
  • What business structure: Systems, products, etc will provide you with the lifestyle that you want. Maybe you want to scale, maybe you want to work with people. Design your business to fulfill your personal needs and business needs.


My best lesson.

When I focused on doing one thing really well it allowed me to focus the majority of my time, energy and money into one thing.

There are times that opportunities come my way to take on other things that aren’t my “main” business.

I still struggle with saying NO to everything, and not taking on projects because they are fun and they are cool.

Through all that, The times I’ve been the most successful is when I prioritized the one thing that I could do that would make huge impacts to my success, and the place that I wanted to go in the long term.

I got really good at my milkshake and it has paid dividends in all areas of my life.


Also, You obviously wanted to hear this song now that we are talking about Milkshakes.




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