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Playing the game



Life is really just a game.

It depends on what game you’re playing and what it looks like to win.

I came to a realization that the game I had signed up for, I was not going to win.

I was trying to be (See trying) a start-up entrepreneur from Vancouver who was going to be (see: going to be) a “success”.

It’s like setting yourself up to be a struggle rapper your whole life. (A day in the life of a struggle rapper)



Games are just made up.

The rules were created my someone and arbitrarily agreed to by the players.

So instead of worrying about where I was at before, and how I was doing on that “scoreboard”, I’m going to change the game.

Play a different, much bigger game.

One that’s going to require me to do different things, take different actions, and ultimately become a different person than the one I was being in my old game.


It’s like playing pickup basketball against people that you know you will probably win against, versus playing against NBA or high-level college players. You really would need to step your level up to be able to compete.


So what’s what I’m committing to.

To me, and to you.

Playing a big game, and making changes that are in line with the game I want to win.

I got up at 5:30 today, and doing various other things to level up my life.

And really, that’s what this blog is about.


Elevating your life, and elevating your business. Continuously and forever.

It’s time to play the game.


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