There are lots of great resources to help you run your business, make the most of your time, and help you attract and retain more customers.

In addition to technology tools that can add value to your businesses, there are services that can help you make the most of your days, and podcasts and websites that will help develop you as a human being.

Below is a list of resources that I would recommend to all business owners and entrepreneurs: They will help save you time, save you money, save you stress, and help you live a better life.

In my years I’ve done lots of testing with the different apps so I’ve had a chance to try a few in each category. They each have their pros and cons and their own value propositions.

Build your network | Email | CRM/Sales | Project Management | Selling Digital Products

Communication | Finance | Social Media | Productivity | PodcastsMusic | Other Cool Tools

Build your network

Meetup– The best site to find different business groups in your area.

Ten thousand coffees: Have a coffee with almost anyone.

Linkedin: The best social network for business people. If you’re not on here yet, stop everything you’re doing and get an account.


Aweber: Email automation and list building. The de facto choice for most internet marketers. Great for simple drip campaigns. 19$ per month.

Mail Chimp: It’s what I use for this site. It’s the best for a free service, but if you want Automation or some more advanced features you have to pay. Use this link to get $30 off.

Get Response: I found get response easier to use than Aweber and Mail Chimp. The Drag and drop editor makes design super easy as well.

Infusion Soft: Also known as confusion soft. This software is super robust and is used by MANY serious internet marketers. Lots of automation and work flow capabilities.

Campaign  Monitor: Haven’t used it yet, but doing a trial soon.

Active Campaign: Haven’t used it yet, but doing a trial soon.


Customer relationship management tools help you keep track your customers, deals and opportunities.

Some have email integration, some tie in with social media profiles, and some have marketing automation. Some do everything, but then you get into the pricier options. I use Hub spot for my consulting business, and insightly for other deals.

Zoho: Nice looking, easy to use, adding features frequently.

Insightly: It’s free. Integrates with Google, and very easy to use.

HubSpot: Great resource to learn inbound marketing. Integrated CRM, Keyword tool, Customer tracking and email. Downside, it can be pretty costly.

Sugar CRM: I used this one I few years ago, but couldn’t get into. Not my fave, but at least you have the option. Some people obviously use it and like it.

Sales Force: Borders on ERP system. Lots of integrations, very complex (almost too complex), free for non profits, integrates with everything.

Project Management

Trello: Visually easy to follow. Great for managing different aspects of a project. Only used it for one project I was brought in on, but haven’t had the need to use it myself. Looks like a great solution.

Basecamp: I use basecamp 2 for managing my internal projects with teams, and working with my assistant. Integrates with Google docs, email reminders, and my fav (but basic) functionality is that it slides in your due dates into your calendar.

Asana: Some people really like Asana, I haven’t used it so I can’t recommend it per say.


Communication tools

Skype: It’s a great tool to make free video calls to people you know on Skype, or make really cheap long distance calls.

Slack: A real time messaging tool for teams. Used as a substitute for email; like a big chat room(s) for your organization. You can add different people by channel, project and division. Pretty great tool.

Convoi: Add an extra number to your mobile device for free! Need I say more?

Go to Meeting: Web conferencing software, more robust than Skype and better if the other parties don’t have skype.

Google Hangouts: It integrates right into your gmail and lets you video conference with up to 6 contacts for free. Really good tool. I much prefer video conferencing to voice alone. Free, easy to use way to do video meetings.


Selling Digital Products

GumRoad: So far this has been a great tool for selling digital goods at a very reasonable service fee.

Payhip: Alternative to gum road, have a cool feature where you can add a discount if they share on Social media. They accept paypal too.

Create space: Get your book printed on demand through Amazon. This way if you’re selling a book you don’t need to worry about the fulfillment.

Go Daddy: $8.99 Domains. If you’re looking for a place to register your domain, this is the one I like.

Personal Services

Handy: I love this service to get my house cleaned-> $58 for 2 hours. I feel better when my house is clean and even better when I don’t have to do it myself. Use this link for 35$ off your first cleaning.


Mint: A great tool to manage your finances on the go. Connect all your accounts and monitor your net worth and cash flow in real time.

Freshbooks: I use freshbooks for my invoicing and time tracking. Free for under 3 clients and with the link you get your first month free. I like it because it’s simple and clean, but if you’re looking to do more sophisticated accounting reports use quickbooks. For 3-10 clients it’s $20 per month.

Quickbooks: I used Quickbooks for about a year because I wanted to be able to have auto generated reports: Cash flow, balance sheet, tax filing, etc.


Dropbox: Cloud storage across devices. Put a file in drop box, and get it on your computer, phone or tablet.

Social media

Buffer: I use buffer to manage my social media because I share a lot and don’t want their to be a flood of posts in the timelines of my readers. Buffer lets me space out my posts so people don’t get a gazillion posts back to back. It also lets you use up to 12 accounts and can schedule as well.



Focus Booster: It lets me set a “pomodoro” timer so that I can focus on a specific task. The best practice is to focus for 25 minutes, and then take a 5 minute break. I have mine set to go for 53 minutes with a 7 minute break.

Evernote: This is one of my favourite productivity tools for keeping your thoughts in order. I’m sure I’m under using this tool, but just to have different “notes” for different tasks and thoughts is helpful enough for me.

Drive: Another great google product. Integrated on the cloud my favourite feature is dragging the files from my drive and adding them right into an email, or exporting a movie from photo booth and uploading it on drive to send it through an email instantly.

Flux: This is a secret tool that helps me sleep that I would recommend to everyone!

So, your laptop and phone release bright white lights that stop your brain from producing melatonin. Not important all the time, but at night time it stops your brain from getting into sleep mode. This app helps you sleep by changing the colour of your screen as lit gets later at night.

Trust me, you need this app.



EO Fire

Harvard business review

Smart Passive income

Self Made Man


22 Tracks: Dj beats from London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. Need some new tunes, check this site out.

Focus at Will: Music Scientifically designed to help you focus. Need I say more? I use it in between hip hop and EDM playlists.


Business Help Get instant advice, by the minute from the world’s top business minds. Got a question, get it answered.

Quora: Crowdsource answers to your questions. Health, business, video games, you ask it, you can get it answered here.

Useful Whitepapers

Guide: SEO Basics for Small Business


Other Cool Tools

Pay By Phone: If your city has pay by phone for parking, you need this app. It lets you pay for parking via the app so you don’t have to have change on you, and lets you pay for the exact amount of parking that you need.

Buddhify: A free IOS app that helps you meditate and get mindfulness where ever you are.

The Great suspender: If you’re like me and have lots of Tabs open all the time, you’ll love this app. It pauses Tabs to it uses less memory while you’re working.

Ad Blocker: A plug in that blocks advertisement from all websites. Amazing.

Sidekick: It installs a small pixel in your email that will let you know if your email has been read, and if the person has clicked on the link. Creepy yes, also very cool

Boomerang: A plug in for google that will ping you if your email is not replied to in a certain amount of days.


Note: Some of these products are affiliate links ( I make a small % from the company, not from you), but I’ve used all the products that I endorse and wouldn’t tell you to use something I haven’t first.