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Until you get to your true self

Last night I was at a leadership course in New York called the Introduction Leaders Program.

In it, they lead you through exercises where you get in touch with the things that are holding you back from the life you want and the results you’re committed to creating.

In it, the leader of the course was explaining how Michelangelo was creating the statue of David. As the story goes

When Michelangelo took this giant piece of marble, he had the idea of who David was. He chipped away at the marble, and removed “everything that wasn’t David”

For us, All of us, we have a sense of identity in things. Things that “are” us.

If you (YOU) want, you can start looking at who YOU are, and what you want to be.

There were lots of things that I believed about myself. That I knew myself to be.

Maybe not so much on the outside, but on the inside: Insecurities and doubts.

  • Fear
  • Not being Worthy
  • Doubt
  • Not being able to be loved
  • etc

But that’s not really who I am.

We are all just “works” in progress. Sometimes we simply decide that we are done chipping away.

Michelangelo knew that if he kept going until he took everything away that was not “David” he would have a masterpiece.

Looking at yourself is sometimes hard to deal with because it’s easier to not.

What if you have a masterpiece in the works and you simply decide that you are finished?



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