What I learned from flying across Canada in a week.

When you do something you’ve never done, it’s a good start to do more things you’ve never done.

Last week I was super fortunate to go across Canada as one the global entrepreneurship week ambassadors in Canada selected my Futurpreneur.

My “job” was to visit different Canadian cities, to share the stories of other entrepreneurs , and to capture the spirit of what it was like to run a business in those particular cities.

My home is in Vancouver Bc, and I was selected to go to Ottawa, Halifax, ST John’s Newfoundland and Montreal.

The trip was awesome for a few reasons.

  • I got to go see some new cities
  • I got to meet a variety of new entrepreneurs and business support locations
  • I got the opportunity to share tings that I knew with other entrepreneurs (Which I love)
  • Most of All, I got to take a flight and change time zones every day in the week.

The last part was the most transformative and that’s why I’m sharing the story.

As a strategy consultant and a speaker, I also knew that there would be opportunities for me to travel for work, and sometimes manage a crazy schedule and fit it all in.

I know there are lots of people that do it, but I had never had that experience, and so I believe in some way the unknown of what that looked like was holding me back from ever getting into that situation.

“I don’t know how it would work”, “it seems stressful”, “how could I even do that”, “wow that’s so busy”, “what about leaving time for just in case”, “what about the planes and Hotels”, and so on.

All those thoughts and feelings were things that were holding me back from putting myself in that type of situation.

Whether it was conscious or not, I know those feelings were there.

And none of them were reality, they were just concerns and feelings.

I’m sure you have similar feelings when you think about doing things that are new.

  • What if I fail
  • What are people going to think of me
  • How am I going to do this
  • What if it goes a different way than I expect
  • What If I’m successful
  • How much is it going to cost
  • What if….

In a way, you (like me) hold yourself from getting to a place because you’re afraid or concerned about what’s going to happen.

Maybe not consciously, but there somewhere in your brain that’s designed to keep you safe and out of harm.

New things can be scary, and MIGHT be harmful in some way.

At the end of the day, the benefits often outweigh the costs.

So go out there and do something small to conquer that first level of fear so that you realize that the next steps are totally do able.

I was able to do 2 countries and 6 cities in 7 days, and now I know that I could do it again.

And that confidence overflows into everything.

I’m going to go snowboarding this winter, something that I said “was not for me”.

TBH it’s not that It wasn’t for me, it’s that I was afraid of falling off the mountain. Crazy right? I haven’t been on a mountain to ski/snowboard in 15 years, because that’s what I decided to keep me safe.

What are you doing that’s keeping you safe and out of harm?

I got to get a private tour of the House of Commons and this is me in the national press gallery.

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The trip itself.

If you want, you can read out all the stops and the adventure here. In order:

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