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What is a normal business life?

As an (start up) entrepreneur no two days are the same.

No two days are alike
Except the first and fifteenth, pretty much- Jay Z

I suppose that’s what appeals to entrepreneurs.

I’ve been running small businesses since I was 12, and with varied levels of success.

The question then is: What is success?

As the end of each year I go through a planning process for my strategic consulting company, and this year I’m reviewing my mission statement to make sure I’m on the right path for where I want to go.

In my early years as an entrepreneur I just wanted to be able to be fulfilled with what I was doing.

I wanted to be (boss) free

and I wanted to be happy.

The money was secondary.

I had to make ends meet, and fortunately I’ve been able to do so for my career while paying for school and having a pretty sweet life with travel and lots of food.

So in that regard I’ve ticked off all the boxes on my list. So maybe I was aiming to low?

Or maybe I was right on the mark.

The concept of this blog: Elevated business life is to help entrepreneurs, business people and freelancers live their best possible lives.

I don’t want to promise transformational results because I don’t want to sell hype and I can’t promise you that your life will “transform” if you do what I say, what I suggest, or if you listen to one of the other contributors on the site.

All I can tell you is what I know, and how it’s worked for me and hopefully it helps make your life better.

In my experience as an entrepreneur I’ve seen people make incremental steps in the right direction and slowly over time ┬ábecome successful– Whatever their version of success is.

So what I would encourage you to do is to plan a few goals in your business, and everyday work towards them.

This blog I started for 2 reasons.

  1. To help provide more tools to entrepreneurs to help them on their journey
  2. To provide enough value and help to those entrepreneurs that I can make enough money (passively) so that I can move to New York for spring 2017.

As I write this the website is a shell of a website.

It’s pretty much just a theme, but I hope that in a few months you read this (or I go back to it) and see: Shit, he really did it.

I don’t think there’s a magical recipe to success, there’s just a bunch of steps that you have to go through before you get to success (see the logo)

Just like everyone has different goals that they are trying to get to, there are different steps to get there.

I hope that you find this website helpful to helping you accomplish those goals and live your best life possible.

To your success!


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